November 13th, 2023

We celebrate ZAMP 300 with a bit of a throwback by revisiting our ZAMP 1 Zomemories discussion. But to kick off the show, and keeping our throwback theme, we give our initial thoughts for You Will Die Here Tonight, a new video game inspired by the original Resident Evil games. In zombie news, The Day Before has been delayed again but will launch in Early Access this December, while HBO’s The Last of Us Season 2 is expected to start production in early 2024.

Start – You Will Die Here Tonight
14:20 – Zombie News
20:06 – Zomemories 2

Coming up on ZAMP! Now that you no longer need to listen to Episode 1 EVER AGAIN, let’s dive a little deeper into You Will Die Here Tonight, then we move over to Fear The Walking Dead to check in on how the series concludes. Stay tuned!

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