November 19th, 2021

Welcome to our first Extra Life donor zombie movie discussion! Ryan and Lou visit The Dead, a 2010 film by the Ford Brothers. But before that fun, we check in with Back 4 Blood which includes some news of future free and paid content. Moving into the news while we question whether Rainbow Six Extraction is a zombie film, Ubisoft details launch plans for January. Also, Disney confirms a Marvel Zombies animated series and the English remake of Last Train to Busan will be known as Last Train to New York.

Start – Extra Life Check-In
4:42 – Back 4 Blood
21:15 – Zombie News
30:49 – The Dead (2010)

Coming up on ZAMP! Ok, back to The Walking Dead, with the conclusion to Part 1 of Season 11, World Beyond season wrap up in mid-December, and the Fear the Walking Dead mid-season wrap up in December as well. Oh, and a little game called Back 4 Blood. And of course our Extra Life donation zombie movies (we have The Dead 2 and Go Home still on our list). Stay tuned!

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