November 9th, 2017

Bob and Ryan are back to chat about the most recent Walking Dead and all the zombie news you can shake a crazy man stick at. In the news Bob brings Ryan back in time to when we did that audio drama about a Resident Evil TV show. Turns out the news that an Arklay show was happening, is no longer happening. But you can watch the proof of concept (without Resident Evil references). Also in the news is that TellTale is bringing back Gary Whitta for the final season of The Walking Dead, and Forbes chats about what a zombie only Call of Duty would be like.

Next we talk about “Monsters”, the latest episode of The Walking Dead, which continues the assault on Savior strongholds across the lands. It’s another action packed shoot em up episode, so tuck in! But is the end on the horizon? Guess we’ll have to see next week.

Finally, we close out the show with our final reminder about Extra Life, which is taking place this Saturday. Read on below for all the cool stuff we’re doing to reward our awesome donators (and listeners).

Support Extra Life, Make Ryan Watch Z-Nation! When you donate to Ryan’s Extra Life campaign and include ZAMP in the comments he will be one step closer to watching every season of Z-Nation. Whether you’re a fan or not of Z-Nation, it tends to pop up on the podcast often, so we’ll make Ryan watch it… But only in support of charity! As a bonus, when you donate you’ll be entered into a draw for a signed copy of Lauren Wilson’s: The Walking Dead: The Official Cookbook and Survival Guide or a Lucille replica from BattleBatz.

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