September 5th, 2016

This week Ryan takes a vacation from the internet, but is he safe from the zombies?!?!!?? In the mean time Bob and Lou hold down the command center while discussing some great news and Fear The Walking Dead. First the two man show talks about how dirty Negan gets for the Walking Dead Blu Ray Release! After all the f-bombs they can handle they turn to Youtube for Fight Of The Living Dead – Experiment 88 where a bunch of YouTube hosts try to survive from both each other, and the zombie hordes… In video game news, Bob and Lou are surprised to see Lara Croft Tomb Raider join in on the zombie goodness with DLC that’ll pit Lara against the undead in her own home. Lara gets accompanied by veteran zombie horror game DLC experts as Call Of Duty Infinite War tackles the SpaceLand – an all new zombie co-op survival campaign. The duo discusses a little bit of the need for a Left 4 Dead 3 – then they move on to the big news…

Fear The Walking Dead has premiered. The gang picks up where they left off at the mid season finale, but is the second half of the sophomore season worth all the hype? Does it live up to the Walking Dead name? Lou and Bob discuss this and much more on the show, which could be the biggest teaser in Walking Dead… well second biggest…

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Zombies Ate My Podcast is a weekly podcast focused on all things zombies! Each week Bob, Ryan, and Lou break down the zombie news, discuss zombie movies both old and new, and spoil the living dead out of The Walking Dead.

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