February 19th, 2015

Hello survivors, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! The return of the Walking Dead! Because of our Dying Light special last week we cover both recent episodes of Walking Dead’s return. First up is Episode 9, What Happened and What’s Going On and finish up with Episode 10, Them. Expect major spoilers (of course) as well as predictions from the entire ZAMP crew. If you have some predictions, we would love to hear them!

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  1. Pete

    Great episode! Just a few points. I don’t think the boy who bit Tyrese was Noah’s twin. I think it was one of his twin brothers, based on what he said on the way there. I’d also like to know why no one’s talking much about the dismembered limbs at Shirewilt or the zombie torsos in the truck. Seems like there’s gotta be more of a story behind that. Is that a comic thing or something new?

    I’m getting pretty tired of Rick taking the entire group into these new communities. You’d think they would have learned their lesson at Terminus, but he did the same thing at the hospital. Why not leave Darryl and a few others outside in case things go bad???

    Love what Carol said about “You were wrong this time, but you were still right.”

    Lastly, you might have covered it in a previous episode, but what’s your favorite zombie-themed board games? I have Twilight Creations’ excellent Zombies! tile laying game, but am looking for something new and fun.

    Again, great podcast episode. Looking forward to hearing your breakdown of this last episode of TWD.


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