February 2nd, 2015

This week on Zombies Ate My Podcast we have a bunch of news, Pontypool for Ryan Goes to the Movies, and first impressions on Dying Light! But more on that later… Once again this week provides us with a treasure trove of news including zombie cats, video games and of course Walking Dead. Ryan is joined by Bob and Lou in watching Pontypool, which they all enjoyed. Finally, Lou and Ryan have first impressions on Dying Light. Stay tuned for more chat with our Dying Light special this month and video content (this time we promise for real)!

In The News

Zombie Cat in Real Life
Walking Dead Spoof Arriving on VOD and DVD This Year
Last of Us Movie Will be “Pretty Faithful” to the Game
Night of the Living Dead Prequel
Rumor: Walking Dead Spin-off Character to get 6 Episode Arc?
First Look at Dead Rising Movie

1 Comment

  1. Allan Gambrell

    Ryan, Bob, Lou – thanks for the enthusiasm in solving my REHD conundrum – Sorry to take up your time with walkthrough questions. I tried to wait on the new episode but wasn’t sure your regular schedule, to be honest, so I did my own FAQ research and figured it out (as i mentioned your FB page) haha.. it was funny listening to you guys scramble to help me – thanks again. Can’t wait for the new TWD season! I also just got the first two volumes of the graphic novel and can’t wait to read them. Keep up the great content – I’ll do my best to spread the word about ZAMP!

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