January 23rd, 2015

This week the ZAMP crew returns as a whole and the news will not stop oozing out! Deadpool makes an appearance in what could be the greatest Marvel take on zombies yet! World War Z could get rebooted and 28 Months Later is being discussed. The Walking Dead is still in the news with a new trailer and the spinoff could have a title of Fear The Walking Dead. H1Z1 takes a dive on launch and Ash gives us an update on the newest Evil Dead news. Then the crews gets downright nerdy and discusses the launch of the new Resident Evil HD release and it jogs up some old zomemories! Don’t forget you can vote for us in the which is going on until February 2nd! Don’t be shy go vote for us in your favorite category.

Zombie News

Get Ready for Thousands of Deadpools in a Zombie Apocalypse
World War Z 2 Reboot
More Walking Dead Spinoff News
ANOTHER Trailer for Walking Dead’s Return
H1Z1 Launch Not So Good
Update on Ash vs Evil Dead

1 Comment

  1. Pete

    Another great episode guys!

    I forgot to mention on your comments about GA and TWD. I live in GA, so the reason you don’t see season changes is because outside of the mountains in the northern part of the state, GA only has two seasons—summer and fall. There are a few cold (as in 20-32 degrees cold) days here and there in December and January we call winter, but otherwise it’s either pleasant (Fall and Spring) or humid and scorching hot (Summer). When it snows, there’s complete chaos. The store shelves empty out and the whole state shuts down because we’re not equipped to deal with ice on the roads. You better have vacation time at work because chances are your business will be closed and your kids will be out of school.

    I also work in the city where a lot of TWD is filmed (Griffin, GA) so I will try to snap some shots of the real filming locations when I get a chance.


    PS – I can feel the love for Z Nation starting to come through. 🙂

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