Episode 80 – Walking Dead Bob Kabobs

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Oct 24th, 2014
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Episode 80 – Walking Dead Bob Kabobs

This week we talk about how Bob tastes better that he looks… Ummm Nooo…. We are not cannabals! We swear! So now you know that we talking walking dead again. Ryan also goes to the movies to see Dead Alive! In the news we talk record breaking numbers, zombie pinball, action figures, and Z Nation get renewed. Also listen in for directions on win your very own Blocking Dead Hand Signed Print.

Zombie News-

Season premiere breaks all kinds of records

Anyone for really expensive Walking Dead pinball accessories?

Clementine action figure is rad

Z-Nation Gets Second Season

Rob Riggle will be Frank West

Zombie Topic of the Week-

The Walking Dead – S05E02 – Strangers


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