May 15th, 2014

It is that time again! Your favorite zombie hosts are here to give you the rundown on zombie news and really good topic of the week. In the topic this week we cover a new article over at the the Escapist about why we all like zombies. There are many reasons but the big take away from Lou, “It is a Cycle!” We also cover and amazing animated zombie short. It is so good one of your hosts may have cried watching it….. Not saying who… We also tease about a guest for next week.

Zombie News- 

During The Zombie Apocalypse, A Dog Just Wants To Get Back To His Boy

It’s A Zombie Train Attack In First Clip From In The Flesh Season Two

Florida Senate to consider ‘zombie apocalypse’ bill amendment

Calgary zombie apocalypse

Topic of the Week-

Undead Awakening: Why Zombies are More Popular Than Ever


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