Episode 47 – Zombies All Year Long

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Jan 8th, 2014
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Episode 47 – Zombies All Year Long

After a well deserved holiday break, your favorite zombie survivors are back. We kick it off the usual way and discuss the weather…. I know, not zombies but we do bring it back to zombies in -30 degree weather. That’s not in Celsius for our foreign listeners. In our news round up we end up discussing a news story about a gentleman trying to sell brains on the internet. Weird stuff! The topic of the week is a run down of all the zombie content coming out this year. There is a lot but it doesn’t seem as much as 2013. Is 2013 the year of the zombie? Write us and let us know. Also No Ask The BusyZombieLord this week. Please write in a question. This has become one of our favorite segments. Help it stay alive!

Zombie News

Zombie Spiders?   Selling Brains on Ebay is a No No!

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