December 13th, 2013

It’s the first week without a new Walking Dead episode and the ZAMP crew keep on surviving with news and talk of a zombie PC game. After a bit of weather talk we break down the latest in zombie news: World War Z 2 has a director, we have our first photos from Life After Beth which will be premiering at Sundance 2014, the LAPD have a zombie PSA to keep your iPads safe (embedded below) and a disabled child shows his sense of humor with a zombie prank. In more movie news Danny TreJo proves he’ll do anything with Voodo Possession. Finally at the University of Alabama production students will be creating a cool sounding zombie pilot.

In our topic this week we dug into State of Decay on PC. It was recently on sale in the Steam Autumn sale and will no doubt go on sale again in the upcoming Steam Winter sale.


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