November 21st, 2013

Apparently Lou is back from his bed ridden pestilence but we believe Bob is now a plague bearer. Ryan and Lou struggled on without their compatriot. Is Ryan next on the list? We will see. All joke aside, we run down some great news headlines including a fantastic film. We also debate the merits of link bait over a Maine blogger that posted a hoax about walking dead. Episode 6 of Walking Dead turned out to be a drastic change from previous episodes. Our usual in depth analyst covers the Governor and his trials in this episode. We also cover our T-shirt contest and who our winners. Congrats to you if you won! A new contest may be in the works! Keep your ears tuned in. Special thanks to Tee No Evil for the donation of the T-Shirt for our give away. You can find them at

Zombie News

Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness Fan Film 

Walking Dead Spinoff to be a Prequel?

Local Maine Blogger Hoaxes and says Walking Dead is going to film in Maine because people look like zombie here

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