June 6th, 2013

This week on Zombies Ate My Podcast Ryan and Lou discuss the latest zombie news and then dive into a discussion on downtime during the apocalypse. News this week is all over the place ranging from video games to movies to zombies made me do it stories. Also a zombie musical? And there’s more than one?!? I think after last week we learned singing was not our strength, but still we forge on. Our topic this week revolved around vacationing during the zombie apocalypse.  We both agree it’s essential to keeping survivors fresh, but it’s just not going to be same spa and dine package you can get at your local hotel…


Telltale Drops Walking Dead Hint Via Vine
Middling reviews for World War Z
Florida man blames zombie attack for throwing concrete at hotel
“Fleshed Out: A Zombie Musical” coming this June
Zombies May Overrun Defiance If You Don’t Stop Them


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