January 30th, 2013

This week the ZAMP crew tries to find the best Zombie Universe. Which is the safest? Which is the most likely? But before all that madness Lou has quite the story whipped up for his Weapon of Choice (no elderly were harmed in the creation of this fiction). In the news we have more evidence that zombie love is gross, some preppers really are super crazy, and the hosts zombify themselves (check them out below). Enjoy the show!


Ryan ZombieBob Zombie

Lou Zombie

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  1. Alec

    Hey guys, love the podcast, I’m on Ep 17 right now, and these really help me get through my work day, seeing as how I feel like I’m gradually turning into one.

    I’m from Georgia, and I find it endlessly cool that my state is actually getting noticed for something other than racism and it’s airport! But I can also confirm, for the last few winters, we’ve had 80 Degree weather some days, so Rick and the crew wouldn’t really be hard pressed to stay warm here unless they were in the mountains for some reason.

    I’m actually in the middle of writing up my own little informal survival guide, and just wanted you guys to know that I can’t wait to catch up to the current episodes.

    Also, since it’s getting closer to Christmas (Sort-of at least) I thought I’d submit my bid for the next Zombie Christmas movie.

    I’d call it: Feliz NaviDEAD, Starring Nicholas Cage as every single zombie.

    Keep on surviving out there!

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