January 23rd, 2013

Winter got you down? Is it too cold to do anything? Well never mind that! We are back this week to discuss survival tips of keeping safe in the cold months of the zombie wasteland. Keeping warm might be both your best friend and worst enemy. Listen carefully and you might eve learn something about snow shoeing. We wrap it up with a dead decision this week where Lou needs to talk Rick into letting him in out of the snow. Also we got a five star review this week from John Fayden! Thank you John!


Zombie News-

AMC Walking Dead Game Out in March?!?

New Show Runner for Walking Dead


Resident Evil Revelations Coming to 360, PS3, PC, and Wii U

Zombieland picked up by Amazon (Poor Ryan doesn’t get Prime north of the wall! Lets hope he does by the time this gets released!)


Weapon of Choice- 

Rick’s Choice- Lawn Mower (Anyone who has seen the Peter Jackson Classic, “Dead Alive”, will understand why!)



iTunes Review

I Like This Show by John Fayden

Stumbled upon this podcast through a Reddit post and listened to the latest episode (Episode 14) and I gotta tell you guys, awesome show! Bob and Ryan have such a funny dynamic together and Lou just seems to know everything, it’s great! I’m a huge zombie fan and it’s good to see a show with some fun zombie content, you guys keep it real but also have fun, so keep up the good work gentlemen, and Bob: MORE BAD ZOMBIE JOKES! I Love those parts, I don’t care what those other guys say :)!!


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