January 8th, 2013

After a holiday break all four of your zombie overlords return with a bang. Thanks to listener Allen’s suggestion we discuss the the trailers for Monsturd and its sequel RetarDead. After a  few quick news articles, we dig right into our topic of the week. We do a nice round up of News of 2012 and follow up with movies coming in 2013. 2013 is looking to a great year for zombies. Joins us for a new year of Walking Dead and much much more!


Zombie News-

War Z Producer Appologizes

Footage of the New Episodes of The Walking Dead


Weapon of the Week-

Ryan’s Pick– Plastic Instruments from Game Consoles


Topic of the Week

2012 Highlights-

Home Land Security Zombie Scare

Zombie Apocalypse Trending Online 2012


FEMA and CDC Zombie Promos

AMC Walking Dead AFI and Emmys



2013 Things to Come-

Activision’s Walking Dead Not Looking so Hot

Upcoming Zombie Movies



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