July 6th, 2014

This week on the show the ZAMP crew run through the zombie content keeping them busy. We thought it would be a great opportunity to highlight games, comics and movies that aren’t Walking Dead. Turns out there’s a lot more zombie genre to love that doesn’t have Grimey Grimes in it!

In the news Morgan Freeman tells us about the zomBEES on Through the Worm Hole, Beth is still alive but zombiefied in the first trailer for Life After Beth (which feels like 500 Days of Summer meets Fido), and finally we have a trailer for Escape Dead Island (a new survival horror game from Deep Silver).

Be sure to check out the poll we put up on the website to help us choose our July movie. Plenty of awesome choices, and a few stinkers if you want to put us through hell. 🙂

Life After Beth – First Trailer


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